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Agency // TBWA/Chiat/Day LA

CD // Kirsten Rutherford

I spent two years working on QuickBooks and was lucky to be on the US and international sets for two major brand campaigns as the "social capture gal."


I had no AD partner at the time, but my CD was exceptionally trusting and set me up to be incredibly independent. So I developed scrappy content concepts, ran my own mini-shoots attached to the 2nd units, got comfortable working with photographers, learned to pull out my iPhone in a pinch, and discovered a skill for getting real people comfortable talking about their stories on camera.

We created more social content for the #BackingYou platform than I could ever show you, even won a Bronze Clio* for some of the work, but these two campaigns are my favorite.

*If you're curious the Clio case study is HERE

Did you know that QuickBooks holds the title for most successful brand campaign on GIPHY?

A strategist and I identified the most commonly searched keywords around money, business, and getting paid and realized we were in a GIF desert. So, we fought our way onto the set of that year's big brand shoot (feat. Danny DeVito) and with only 30 minutes with Danny, a green screen, and a handful of props, we created an arsenal of brand gifs that get use till this day.

We did it again for each brand campaign thereafter and I got to direct talent each time-- ask me about how I had to repeatedly ask Danny DeVito to not set fire to my props.

For #SmallBusinessWeek, we doubled down on our claim that QuickBooks backs small business. 

Chris Rhodes lost his business, tools, home, and the community his construction company helped build in the Santa Rosa fires. We heard the story and with the help of his QuickBooks using bookkeeper, Nancy, were able to gift him every tool he lost, a computer, our services, and a check to help him rebuild. The video got 3.6 million views and quite a bit of press.

In the week following, we quietly found 8 LA small businesses via social and helped them with something they needed-- reworked bookkeeping, product photography, marketing creative, anything that would make their lives easier. 

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