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Airbnb Global


Agency // TBWA/Chiat/Day LA

Dept // D-Live Team

Chiat recruited me to work for Airbnb as part of their D-Live initiative (a 6 person social agency within the agency). We didn't answer to internal brand or creative leadership, we had a direct line to the client, our own budgets, and our sole purpose was to make engaging content. After months of writing captions and basic concepts, we began to proactively pitch bigger and bigger ideas.


That's how we ended up in Roswell, New Mexico with a Nat Geo host, covering the UFO Festival in a short film, IG Stories, and 3 livestreams in a single day (oof). 

It's also how our little team ended up living in SF for 6 weeks, filming social promos for the newly launched Airbnb Experiences, putting out a video a week.


And it's how we helped people on Twitter #LiveInTheMovies by matching them to cinematic homes and gifting free stays.

I helped create nearly 600 assets in two years and wrote copy for all of it.

Don't worry, you don't have to peruse all 600. Just the ones below.

Hero Film
IG Story Day 1
IG Story Day 2
FB Livestream #1
FB Livestream #2
FB Livestream #3
Mel's Latte Art Experience

Mel's Latte Art Experience

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It's us!
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